Dear Friend,

Forgive my bluntness, but the fact that you’re reading this tells me that you’re striving for peak performance – or improve performance; an upgrade in performance at any rate… and, if you’re anything like me, you WANT results fast!

So, let’s not waste time with a lengthy sales process.

I KNOW how easy it is to get stuck in a rut.  I KNOW how frustrating limited thinking can be and I KNOW how much time can be wasted when you’re worrying unnecessarily – I KNOW because I’ve been there.  It’s not pleasant!

Albert Einstein famously said that “we cannot solve our own problems with the same thinking that created them” and what really frustrates me is the lack of PRACTICAL and FEASIBLE solutions to such situations.

Why?  Because systemically we’ve been taught to think from a very black and white, right or wrong – two dimensional frame of mind.


If only there was an EASY and INTUITIVE way to instantly upgrade our thinking…

90% of the mistakes we make are errors of perception not logic*.  Logically we are great thinkers.  Our schooling  and society set us up this way.  BUT… when it comes to creative thinking… (perception, insight, intuition, alternative exploration etc.) – the way we SEE (and then respond to) the situation…  current education lets us down.

It’s time to broaden our perspective.

You’ll have heard how decision making skills are key to successful leadership but, how can you acquire such skills quickly and what does having them mean?

In the early 1980’s a gentleman called Dr Edward de Bono (arguably the worlds leading authority on lateral thinking) introduced the principles of parallel thinking.  Parallel thinking is a methodology that invites the thinker(s) to examine multiple points of view from parallel perspectives – it removes causes of conflict and empowers constructive and creative collaboration.  It also dramatically saves time – by as much as three quarters – 45 minutes saved in every hour!!

It’s Powerful and Rewarding.

In From Brainwave To Business, I published my own advanced thinking tool and the world woke up.  In truth, I give my unique brainstorming technique complete credit for the innovation and invention awards I’ve won – it was my “Secret Weapon” for many years.

“You must think differently” people would say… BUT, I simply knew how to combine lateral and literal thinking – something you can easily do too.


WhetherForecastPack TRIAL TYPHOON



In this introduction to our unique system you’ll discover how much smarter you are – than you believe yourself to be.  You’ll learn PROVEN methods to tap into your imagination, how to IMPROVE your communication, how to ENHANCE YOUR ABILITY to collaborate creatively AND  how to save time reaching the right decision on time!  The results of this type of thinking surprise even the super-cynical!

  • Having flicked through the colourful, easy-to-consume Ebook you’ll have an initial understanding of an advanced thinking system we call the Whether Forecast™.  You’ll understand how the system works and you’ll have experienced it in action – the best way to learn about its benefits!
  • The 20 minute guided brainstorm will carry you through this lateral and literal thinking exercise.  In half an hour you’ll have clarified your thoughts, stimulated alternative ideas and broadened your point of view – something that will lead you to the right decision and leave you feeling energized about the action you need to take to make it happen.  The mind map you create during this time will act as a bench mark against which you can later compare your progress – repeat this exercise as many times as you please and see how quickly your progress starts to accelerate.

This 2 part program delivers benefits – the ripple effects of which will positively impact on all aspects of your life:

    • Overcome overwhelm – push past procrastination by advancing your thinking so your able to solve your problems by looking at them in a way you had not seen them before – a 7 point shift in perspective.
    • Understand the power of your brilliant brain – this is NOT about swallowing a pill and instantly being more intelligent, neither is it about lying on a comfy cushion with your eyes closed waiting for your dreams to land in your lap, it’s about massaging and maintaining the massive potential and infinite possibility that exists within your mind.
    • Believe it to Conceive it – Re-evaluate your limiting belief system.  If you’ve yet to think of an idea then you’ll never materialize it.  So often we create limitation by asking what our options are.  By fixing on A, B or C as we believe them to be – we stop considering the X, Y and Z we haven’t dream-up yet.  This narrows our perspective and reduces the possibility of accelerated progress – the type that happens in leaps and bounds.
    • Growth in leaps and bounds – after an aHA moment you suddenly start to see the situation differently.  Your thinking has shifted and so has your understanding of the situation.  Innovators are natural leaders.  By knowing how to use your problems as fuel with which to further your passion and purpose you’ll soon see your progress gather speed.
    • Traction and magnetic action – when your emotions support your actions you’re energized.  When your actions are in line with clearly defined intentions – you’re incentivised.  Momentum builds rapidly and the support you need becomes accessible to you.  Such clarity of mind comes from knowing what to do, how and why.  The Whether Forecast™ will give this to you.
    • Freedom for fresh thought – stress, anger and frustration limit your ability to think creatively – FACT!  Giving yourself the freedom to step outside of your usual way of thinking so as to see the situation differently will give you the perspectives you need to turn inherent fears into new ideas.
    • Innovators lead the way – innovation and leadership go hand in hand.  Knowing how to generate innovations consistently, quickly empowers you as a strong leader in your sector. Knowing yourself and knowing how to monitor your own mind – how to make your brain your best friend – YOUR Secret Weapon (rather than your worst enemy or the 1 bit of kit that lets you down) – revealed within.
    • Mind-muscle workout– your brain is a muscle that requires exercise.  Throughout  our daily lives we tend to form familiar patterns of thought.  This conditions our thinking and reduces the flexibility with which we access alternative ideas.  Give your brain a balanced work-out- stretch your imagination and strengthen your mindset.  It matters more than you might realize.  Regularly using the thinking techniques shared is this program will help you build and maintain a balanced brain.
    • Magic – I’ll be honest, I’m still discovering why the Whether Forecast™ works – but it does!  People regularly report feeling as if they are thinking more intelligently having used the system and I’ve seen how ingenious ideas and simple solutions seemingly surface throughout a brainstorm.  I believe the tool gives voice to your subconscious mind but I can’t  yet prove this – so I call it magic.  Who else wants a wand?




You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I’m so confident that this Whether Forecast™ EPACK introductory offer will inspire and energize your thinking – irrelevant of what you’re thinking about… I’m offering a “No-Questions-Asked” 100% Money Back Guarantee.  This program isn’t for everyone.  If after 20 days you’re not pleased with your purchase, then we don’t want your money and will willingly refund it.

Please email telling us what didn’t work for you and a refund will be issued.  This Guarantee is valid for 30 days after the date of  purchase.

And There’s More…


It’s said that sparks of genius are most like to occur when critical and creative thinking come together*.  So, by way of stimulating sparks of genius and further inspiring you to invest in yourself, I’ve included 2 SUPER-VALUABLE BONUS SECRETS (created by me, NOT some junk PLR resource) further complementing your desire for fast results and an upgrade in thinking.


Sharing secret PROVEN steps to stimulating sparks of genius in ANY brain no matter how blunt you believe your brain to be.

Change Front Cover isoInside this bonus report you’ll discover strategic steps that work (we’ve walked them, remember – with people like you):

  • Learn where to find inspiration for innovation.
  • Learn how to create the ideal environment for ingenious ideas to emerge.
  • Learn why some people always come up with brilliant ideas and how you can to.
  • Learn to how stimulate sparks of genius in other people.
  • Learn how to maximize your ability to innovate cleverly and constructively – with added value in mind.


The offering open to you today for the “Whether Forecast™ introductory E-pack” along with its  bonus should be a no-brainer. Sold separately, delivered personally – such training could easily cost you anything upwards of 10x what you’re paying here.  Bundled for easy electronic delivery – to be used in your own time, in the comfort of your own home and at your pace… the value of this program depends on the current value of your life (or business) – the cost comes as a minuscule consideration when compared to the value of a life led with a smarter brain on your shoulders; the direct result of an advance in thinking.

So, go ahead and Click the Add To Cart button now to start upgrading your thinking:


Introductory Offer of £9.99

One Time Payment – Instant Download – Even at 2 am

Whether Forecast Introductory E-Pack

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“The Whether Forecast will simplify your life”

“If your life is too simple then the Whether Forecast™ will complicated it.  If your life is too complicated then the Whether Forecast™ will simplify it!  More attention should be paid to developing thinking skills and this is an excellent way to do so”.

Dr Edward de Bono
World’s Leading Authority on Lateral Thinking

“This is by far the best tool I’ve used”

“Having experimented with various lateral thinking tools I found the ease and simplicity of the Whether Forecast™ enlightening.  Quickly inherent fears turned into new ideas as the bigger picture became clearer and the easy way forward more apparent than ever before.  I recommend this engaging tool”.

Philip Mulligan
CEO United Nations Association

“I Love how it gets you saying what you think”

“What I love about the Whether Forecast™ is that it gets people saying what they think rather than what they think they should say.  People seem to engage with this tool in a way that consistently delivers insightful ideas.”

Marc Ortmans
Director Ideaspace Global

The decisions you make define the destiny you’ll take.

With fresh thinking,

warm regards.


Celia Gates


Founder of the Global Brainstorm – a GEW High Impact Event 2013
Creator of the Whether Forecast™ – “the greatest upgrade in systemic thinking since the Ancient Greeks”
Author of From Brainwave To Business, Financial Times series – Shortlisted by the C.M.I Book of the Year 2012
Gold Glass – British & World Invention and New Technology Show 2012
MIND Award Winner – for contribution to renewable energy 2010
European Female Designer of the Year 2007
British Consumer Inventor of the Year 2004

PS: Remember, you’re covered by my “No-Questions-Asked” 100% Money Back Guarantee.   All the risk is on me, and all the benefits are on you.   If it turns out that you don’t like the investment you’ve made then, simply contact me by emailing and I’ll promptly refund you in full.

PPS: What’s of greater value?  £9.99  or knowing how to overcome conflict constructively creatively and in record time?  I’m sure the answer is the later…

Within 3 days of Clicking the Add To Cart button and completing the program you’ll feel as if you’re thinking more intelligently, that’s the promise I’m making.  Go ahead and get started immediately:


Introductory Offer of £9.99

One Time Payment – Instant Download – Even at 2 am

Whether Forecast Introductory E-Pack

All Major Credit Card, Paypal, and Online Checks Accepted
Order 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week



* 90% of the mistakes we make are errors of perception not logic: 

**’They’ say it’s when critical and creative thinking come together that sparks of genius are most likely to occur* is coordinated by the Whether Observatory – click here for further information about the innovation consultations on offer here.